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About Daphne Gawronski, owner of DGawroArt

"The aim of art is to not represent the outward appearance of things but their inward significance."



Ever since I can remember I have had a passion for art. From the time I was a little girl, I was surrounded by a family of creative artists. My father and uncles had a graphic design agency and my brother and I loved to play "ad agency" in the garage "studio." My passion took me to UCLA where I pursued a college degree in Painting/Sculpture/Graphic Arts. The need to support myself detoured me to become a graphic artist. From there, I chose to climb the corporate ladder that led me to a career in marketing, and then, upper management. I have worked for publications, not-for-profits and advertising agencies in different roles. After a successful career in association management I have entered a time in my life where I can pursue my art passion once again; where I  have found my true joy and happiness! 


Thanks for indulging me with your interest in DGawroArt. I look forward to creating with you very soon! 

Art About You Collection

Years ago I had a very dear friend who helped me through a tough transition in my life. To thank her I created a special painting I  titled, "Susan's Vanity." A vanity was the setting (and well chosen as she was so vain) and several items that represented her were painted on the vanity surface. She loved it and kept that painting for many years. She passed away recently and I was able to retrieve that painting. It now hangs in my studio and I feel like I have a part of my friend still with me. Years later I did a similar painting for another good friend; then another for a client and soon I realized how meaningful these paintings were. The Art About You Collection is about commemorating or honoring that special someone pictorially.

Pet Portrait Collection

The Pet Portrait Collection formed when I presented a friend with a painting of her beloved maltipoo. She cried when I surprised her with that painting. I found I loved painting pets especially capturing their personality. A watercolor pet portrait is a wonderful way to immortalize that loyal friend.

Paintings for Sale and Commissions

The paintings for sale are  images that inspired me. I am open to taking commission work where we work together to create the right painting for your environment.

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